The Beauty of Grace.

No this is not a religious based blog post. To the contrary I won’t even be dealing with a religious issue here at all. So why the use of the name you may ask? Well it’s just the name of the song that gave me the idea as all.

The song by Krystal Meyers explores the concept that bad memories and experiences could be forgiven but also more importantly forgotton. To me this poses a rather interesting question. I am sure we have all in moments wished we could take something back or wish that something did not happen but this poses a two fold issue.

Firstly is the issue of experience and personality. All our experiences collate together to form a great deal of our personality. Would these memories being erased lead to a situation where the end result would be creating a person that is different from the person wishing to forget the memory?

Secondly a more difficult issue and that is based on bitter-sweetness. Think back to a memory that is both hurtful but important to you. Would you really want to give it up to be free from the bitter part of that situation? It also feeds into the first as it is often these sorts of moments that cause personal reflection.

Now I pose this for a few reasons. One as a hypothetical but also in the knowledge that this might not always be a simple hypothetical situation. ( I do wonder how professional ethics will deal with these sorts of situations of course some are much more clear cut. But even terrible memories with no redemption can change us significantly.

Would you give any of that up?


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