Internet censorship and political activisim.

Well surprise surprise surprise It seems that the ‘pornblock’ will cover more than just porn in the UK. Which is actually fine although in one article something caught my attention.

File sharing sites? Alcohol?

Now I take these two to use as an example. In the news here we recently have had a small tale of hypocrisy.


Now I must really ask if these filters will be used for this purpose and what exactly the consequences of not having the ‘filesharing’ one on if this sort of route is taken. We have had a lot of information out recently about spying on domestic citizens most famously relating to the NSA.

So here we have a coupled situation wherein we know that this can be abused for political purposes to perhaps highlight hypocrisy of political rivals or some other purpose, we know from ‘the phonehacking scandal’ that such things can’t always be trusted to not be abused and we know that there is a level of spying on us. Oh and we are also more than well aware that those who leak politically sensitive information are having a hard time as of late.

While I personally have no issue with a porn block I do think it is useless in addition to feeling that it should be something that is not set on by default. I am aware that my argument does use a sliding slope argument and that often they are nothing more than exaggeration but we have seen this sort of thing before. Or have we already forgot the lessons of ‘SOPA’ and ‘PIPA’ sadly the internet has a short memory span and because of this the internet I feel lacks any sort of long term wall against such measures.

While the UK has often taken an anti porn stance both in physical and non-physical mediums arguments do exist in the argument of extreme and or child pornography. I do not wish to go into this here but rather to pose the question.

Do we really trust this system?

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