The effect of novel ideas.

Novelty is something that is hard to pin down, something that is not always easy to create or find. It can be artistic or it can be quirky sometimes both. It can create a great achievement like Minecraft or it can help you view the world in a way that had never previously occurred to you.

The issue I have is that there is a relentless seeking for the novel. Sometimes this can be a good and brilliant thing. Something original or different but in the ADD click and share culture of the internet it bumps into memes and a relentless search for more like some crazed addiction to cat videos.

I guess my argument really is invalid

Have we become a species that seeks out novelty so much that we ignore more productive or less original things? It’s hard to believe as with in gaming for each original piece is a brown first person shooter. Something that was parodied in an original and provocative way in Spec Ops: The line. Minecraft being a good example I urge those to look at this cracked video below. Hilarious but also makes a very good point. it is far from true that things should follow a set pattern or route. It was genius for Skyclad to combine folk and metal. Mayhem’s push for something more extreme and serious than Venom lead to a great albeit controversial form of music. The issue arises in the instant gratification culture of the internet. While I have to admit I enjoy things like adsfmovie. I feel in the long run the effects of this will be more apparent but are we breeding a form of Virtual add in which things must be odd, or flashy, or different even if that simply amounts to yelling potato?

This links into memes as this gives a massive overload of this sort of thing as anybody with a facebook page can probably agree with. I would offer some condolences and cake but frankly that would be a lie. Or was GLADOS wrong and the cake is a spy?
The truth.

A meme is best described by the founder of the meme that is a meme in of itself in the vast battle of the memes such as this meme and the above memes that is the internet. Oh wait I will rephrase.

A meme is like a gene (and rhymes with gene). It needs to spread to stay relevant some memes like those of religions are long lasting and powerful and some are obscure lyrics left in your head or any other idea. A meme is simply information which exists in the brain and propagates most famously though pictures with captions. For a in depth explanation see the book – The Selfish Gene. It is a brilliant read although memes come into the book rather late.

Still I do wonder how long it till that things like this ( become the norm. Must we have a society where we are always looking for something new and fresh to spout rather than look at something of quality? Portal by Valve created many memes and was a masterpiece of creativity. Is the internet the ‘if you watch TV your brain will drop out’ of the modern world?

Still I am unsure on if this is a good or a bad thing. My concern is rather that we become a culture of a waning attention who can not sit still. Time will tell.


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2 thoughts on “The effect of novel ideas.

  1. thelastminstrel May 6, 2013 at 7:31 pm Reply

    I think you are close to a universal truth here.
    We need a constant supply of the new to help kill time.
    All of the games, music, new sights and sounds make us feel as though we are accomplishing something of value;
    “Worth the lifetime of pain to the mother that bore you.”
    All around us is the evidence that we, humans, are capable of incredible things. We see that everywhere but in our own lives.
    We long to be ‘Original’, new and unique, but we wind up being parrots.
    Could be we are going about it all wrong.

  2. dunndude May 6, 2013 at 7:43 pm Reply

    I think I am inclined to agree. To further my game analogy there has been a recent move to ‘twich’ games and away from ‘bead strokers’. An immediate achievement or escape seems more valued than something that has to be worked for.

    I agree that parroting is what this ends up becoming and perhaps it is natural If you hear a great joke you want to share it but well it is easily over-shared.

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