Can’t we all just get along?

Well this is my first post. I intend to deal with a topic in which I could not hope to cover comprehensibly however I feel this is a great starting point and something that is important for all to consider.

This post is a reply following the comments made by the BNP that the British race must be rebuilt “” now ignoring the obvious issues that arise through this.

The Marxist who could point out that this is an ideological state apparatus in which those from another ‘Race’ are used as scapegoats. Those with any knowledge of history could point to the issues with the terms ‘British’ ‘British Race’. Of course being a nation in which Saxon, Celt, Gaulish, Scandinavian, Roman, European hands built the nation with each addition allowing a greater wealth for the whole. From the support from the Commonwealth for the British Expeditionary Forces of the world wars or the famous example of the English longbow (Otherwise known as the Welsh longbow). Rather than dealing with the point in such a simple way perhaps it is better to instead look behind the words.

Humans are very good at forming groups, be this cultures or subcultures. An us and them mentality is a force to be reckoned with and this can exist due to religion, music taste, ethnicity, football teams. Or rather these are the lines in which humans are able to draw differences and create a them and an us.

This is of course a very complicated issue so I wish to steer this instead of looking as to why the BNP use race in this example meaning of course to them white. Rather than a ‘native’ whatever that may be. I am given the image of a Gurkha from Nepal fighting for his native land of Britain in the Falklands. Or the differences this must make from a Northern Irish person and an Irish in a historical sense given that the Irish being of course generally white were treated as something below.

Rather I wish to pose a question to the reader as to what this brings for us in the future. If humans are ever to move amongst the stars do we require an outside entity to bring us together? I recall a comedian who I sadly have forgotten the name from saying that the only way all humans would unite is if some aliens came. ‘Go back to where you come from and leave our women alone!’ Still even they would be sentient like us and like all other things we would have a common point. We are after all simply star stuff.

Are we humans so incapable of banding together as a whole that we must pick apart any differences that we could find? In many Sci-fi films there is often a United Earth entity existing which realistically would be the best way forward. Do we require an invasion for that? I think back to the game Mass Effect 3. Does fighting as a united galaxy require the reapers to attack? In a small tangent the soundtrack really is amazing.

Still there is some hope. If one can dream a dream that a person be judged on the content of character so can others. The BNP are by no means a majority who take advantage¬† of the fear of the ‘other’. In the UK it is taken as obvious that a woman can be as intelligent as a man even if inequality does still exist. The only way forward is to look to other humans as your neighbors in the biblical sense. It is a sad irony that the Cold War brought us so much technological advancement, to be able to say that we as a species went to our moon in order to beat our chests is beautiful yet fundamentally quite pathetic. Competition is great for us but do we really need these high stakes?

In the end I will pose a simple question. Which may be possible if social advancement continues. I want to be seen as a barbaric bigot by those who come after me because it is then that we have advancement. So in all as simple as the question is and as complicated the question is it is something worth bearing in mind. The answer is currently effecting humanity, it always has and it may always will. Watch this video ‘’ before thinking and answering. It is a reflection of a photo taken by Voyager 1 and very much worth watching.

So I will ask this seemingly simple question. But ponder on how complex the back story is. So regardless of the Politics. Race, Nationality, History, Differences, Hate.

Can’t we all just get along?

P.S A thank you to Rebecca Kime for the motivation to make this blog and this post.


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